Overview of current research projects at the center

  • BT corn and corn earworm damage and mycotoxin contamination;¬†Evaluation of Bayer Bt corn for control of lep pests; Corn grain yield loss by fall armyworm whorl damage (Dr. David Buntin)
  • Are secondary and micronutrients limiting corn yield potential in Georgia? (Dr. Henry Sintim)
  • On-Farm Cotton Variety Trial Roberts; Evaluation of Bt Cotton for Management of Corn Earworm (Dr. Phillip Roberts)
  • Georgia Peanut Breeding and Genetics (Dr. William Branch)
  • Rootworm Management in Peanut (Dr. Mark Abney)
  • Peanut Leaf Spot Fungicide Trial (Dr. Albert Culbreath)
  • Replant Seeding Rate for Peanut (Dr. Scott Tubbs)
  • Soybean Breeding and Genetics - Conventional Soybean Experiment,¬†Roundup Ready Soybean Experiment,¬†LibertyLink soybean experiment (Dr. Zenglu Li)
  • Wheat/Small Grains Breeding and Genetics; Seed production and increase of elite wheat/small grains(Dr. Mohamed Mergoum)
  • Screening wheat germplasm for head blight (scab) disease (Dr. James Buck)

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